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additional resources to help you Appraise your Estate! 

From estate asset management, onsite appraisals, online evaluations and personal property appraisal assistance, we're here to help!

Do it Yourself             

Step-by Step Instructions

Plans starting from $99.00 

  • Easy as 1,2,3  

  • Create Estate, Input Items, Take Photos

  • Select Rooms, Assign Beneficiaries / Owner, Price!



Estate Vehicle Sales

Specializing in Collector Cars & Estate Vehicles 

Appraisal & Consign your Estate Vehicle with us to Maximize Results!

  • Don't take the risk  

  • Let us deal with the tire kickers

  • Access to our private list of potential buyers


*Available in the Province of Ontario, Canada. Flat fee pricing. We'll remove and sell the vehicle from our location. Estate Probate Vehicle Appraisal.

Price My Items                   $75.00 

Need assistance with dollar values? We're here to help!   

  • You create the document, we'll price it for you!

  • Review document for desktop appraisal

  • Get an appraisers perspective for dollar values

 *$75.00 per hour, average time 3 hours, some conditions may apply for specific items.

Phone Consultation          $85.00 

Book an online phone consultation for any helpful advice.      

  • What type of appraisal is required?

  • Where do you start?

  • Which items need to be documented

On-Site Consultation       $435.00

Book an onsite consultation with an appraiser for step-by-step guidance on managing estate assets.  

  • Identifying assets

  • How to manage estate assets before & after

  • What to do with all the stuff

Hire An Appraiser             $879.00 

Feeling overwhelmed? We've got you covered!

  • Hire an Accredited Personal Property Appraiser 

  • We'll Identify, Document, and Appraise all Assets

  • Provide a thorough and detailed Appraisal Report

 *Home Contents Appraisals starting from $879.00, for small one bedroom condo/apartment, inquire for details.

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