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Our Approach

Our approach is simple, keeping you organized while saving you time. Let's face it, itemizing and documenting household personal possessions is a long and daunting task. Most people don't have a list of personal household belongings, these are called your assets, and when the time arises, we are forced to grab a pen and paper and try to list everything. Often we look to the internet for help or when required, hire an appraiser.  

That's why at Appraise Estate we've designed "for-yourself" software. This user-friendly, intuitive, full of industry tips and tricks tool, let's you get the assistance you need quickly, while managing your estate.  

Auto-filling documents using a template format, simplifies the process of asset inventory, with drop down menus, room choices, item selections, and organized layout. You can also assign beneficiaries, owners and record your own dollar value estimations.


Choose from Asset List View or Photo Gallery View, to review your work, and generate professional Standard of Practice documents from the perspective of Licensed Appraisers.  

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Our Story

As experts in the Appraisal industry, we have over 20 years experience documenting and researching assets. From Estates, Heavy Equipment, Transportation and Financial Sectors, we have conducted thousands of reports.


Always seeking proficiency for our clients with a quick turnaround, led us to develop a software solution. Using our techniques of the trade combined with document automation, we can share our process for completing thorough and detailed Estate Assets Inventory Reports. 

Our founder and CEO Mark Balanowski, Accredited member of The Canadian Personal Property Appraisers Group (CPPAG), has created a system to assist Executors, Estate Planners and Homeowners, prepare custom Personal Property Contents Reports from an appraisers perspective.  Built for the do-it-yourself users, Mark inspires to show clients how to approach an assignment on their own, using appraisal mythology, to both save time and money.

In 1998, Mark entered the Auction and Appraisal world representing a global leader in the industry, as Territory Sales Manager and National / Strategic accounts Manager. Awarded “Top Performer for Sales” multiple times, exceeding budgets and targets per-annum, along with 7-Time Recipient of the “Dave Ritchie Excellence Award”.


In 2015, after obtaining his Accreditation as a Canadian Personal Property Appraiser, Mark left the corporate world to branch out onto his own venture. With his integrity for the industry, combined with expert knowledge of the system, led to the creation of using innovation and technology to modernize the appraisal cycle.

Living in the Niagara Region of Ontario, Canada, Mark enjoys the presence of being outdoors, touring local wineries, and spending dedicated time with his family.  

Mark brings a passion for detail, organization, and extensive knowledge and resources to significantly assist your estate with value.      


Appraise-Estate is created by real appraisers, to guide you through the process of documenting and appraising household personal belongings.


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