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Easiest way to Appraise your Estate!

You can do it yourself and we can help!

Estate inventory and appraisal should be accessible to everyone. That's why we created an estate inventory software to perform easy documentation of household items, belongings, and possessions.







Itemizing Personal Possessions can be a Daunting Task

Creating Professional Documents Keeps You Organized, When Submitting to Government, Lawyers, and Insurance Companies

Family Room with Fireplace

 Appraise Estate is used for Life's
Important Decisions



Executors and Estate Administrators are Frequently Required to Prepare Personal Property Inventory and Appraisal Reports.


Power of Attorney

Assigning Values

√ Document Physical Assets




Pre-Planning Estate Assets with Attaching an Itemized List to Your Will, Assists Executors with Distributing Your Estate Accurately Amongst Your Beneficiaries.

List Assets

Pre-Plan Your Estate

Name Beneficiaries

 Attach to Your Will


Homeowners are Responsible for Keeping Updated Inventory of their Personal Household Belongings.

Document Belongings

Record Market Values

Add Valuable Collections

Update Policies



Divorce Mediation Often Requires the Division of Assets to be Itemized and Split Amongst Both Parties.

Assign & Divide Ownership

Record Fair Market Value

Attach to Separation Agreement 

Inventory Matrimonial Belongings


How it Works

Using Document Automation, we offer an easy-to-use software that let's you list and manage your personal possessions.

  1. Sign up

  2. Create Estate Details

  3. Select Room Choices

  4. Input Items

  5. Capture Photos

  6. Assign Beneficiaries / Owners

  7. Record Market Values

Easy As:







Simple Tool Used By:

  • Wills            
  • Probate
  • Appraisers
  • Power of Attorney
  • Contents Inventory
  • Executors            
  • Estate Planners
  • Home Owners
  • Insurance
  • Divorce


Personal Property Contents Estate

Best for: administering and distributing an individual’s estate; after death

Ideal for: documenting physical assets, assigning beneficiaries, recording values  



Personal Property Contents  Estate Planning

Best for: Estate Planning while making a will; per wishes

Ideal for: documenting assets, attachment to will / living will, assigning beneficiaries  


Personal Property Contents  Probate

Best for: administering and distributing an individual’s estate; after death

Ideal for: proving the will, documenting physical assets, recording values  


Personal Property Contents  Power of Attorney

Best for: acting on another’s behalf, living will, general decision making

Ideal for: documenting physical assets, decision making of those assets 


Home Contents Inventory Insurance


Best for: protecting your possessions value against financial loss

Ideal for: fire, theft, flood, replacement cost, claims, contents coverage, damage


Home Contents Inventory Divorce

Best for: division of assets

Ideal for: attachment to separation agreement or filling for divorce.

Separation / Divorce inventory of matrimonial / personal belongings


Home Contents Inventory Single

Detailed inventory of your Assets

Best for: first-time homeowner/condo owner, renter, valuables, collectables 

Ideal for: Inventory of personal belongings, insurance coverage


Home Contents Inventory Couple's

Detailed inventory for Couple’s 

Best for: first-time homeowners/condo owners, renters, recently married/common-law, valuables, collectables 

Ideal for: Inventory of personal belongings and identify the owner

Appraise Estate

 Your Personal Property Appraiser

The leading online software tool documenting Personal Property Possessions.

Generate professional reports today itemizing personal assets. For Estates, Wills, Insurance and Divorce


Saving You Money !

Save Hundreds of Dollars Creating Your Own Personal Property Contents Reports, compared to hiring an Appraiser!

Saving Time & Money

Secure & Efficient

Inventory Management

Software & Technology

What Our Clients Say

Three Sisters

'67 Chevy


Sally wanted moms Royal Doultons,      Suzy wanted moms Jewelry, and Shari is the executor dividing up moms’ belongings. Shari created a list of all moms possessions to divide up equally amongst the beneficiaries.

Bobby wanted dads 67 Chevy, Billy wanted dads power tools, and Betty  wanted all the cash. Together they Pre-Planned dad's estate. Summarizing Dollar Values to determine how to distribute the assets evenly amongst the children. 

Jack and Diane were getting a Divorce. Jack wanted half of everything in the house. Instead of taking a chainsaw and cutting the bed down the middle, Diane created a contents inventory of everything in the house, and assigned what Jack is getting and what Diane is keeping. 


Mark & Molly moved into their first condo and were living common-law. While they're still in the "honeymoon" stage, Mark suggested creating an inventory of their personal belongings and identifying the owner.     

Comic Books

Derek had a valuable comic book collection. When his basement flooded, the insurance company asked for proof. Luckily for Derek he was able to show Photos, Purchase Price, Recommended Replacement Cost & Fair Market Value of his prized possessions.    

Appraise Estate optimal performance on desktop or laptop


Get Started Today. Document Your Personal Belongings For Wills, Insurance, Divorce and Estates! 

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